Extensive Program of Activites
Extensive Program of Activites
From September until April we have an extensive range of photographic activities.
Professional Style Studio
Professional Style Studio
Townend Camera Club has its own permanently set up studio which can be used by its members.
Easily accessible club
Easily accessible club
Townend Camera Club is in the heart of Dreghorn and is easy to access by all. There is even a bus stop right outside.
New members always welcome
New members always welcome
If you are a keen photographer and wish to learn more about the art then this is the place for you.


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Townend Camera Club is a friendly photography group based in Dreghorn, Irvine, Scotland.
Club members are an enthusiastic bunch of photographers from across Ayrshire, who enjoy trying out their skills in various forms.

If you are interested in photography and wish to meet like minded people, feel free to come along on most Wednesday evenings starting at 7:30pm in theTownend Community Centre,Dreghorn.

During the season, which runs from September until April, we have photographic competitions, invited lecturers, studio nights and member’s evenings, etc. Our competitions, both internal and external, help raise the standard of our photography. Our exclusive use of the clubroom and separate studio enables members to actually spend quality time with fellow photo enthusiasts from the local community. We hold annual exhibitions both locally, and internationally – including exhibiting with Photo Club Vicinois of Irvine’s twin town Voisins-le-Bretonneux, near Paris.

If you have any interest in photography and a desire to fully explore the possibilities this wonderful hobby brings up, please come along and visit our club to sample a couple of our meetings – without any obligation. You can be assured of a very warm welcome.

15 hours ago
Photos from Clive Watkins's post

Ian & Eugene from club Christmas parties in 2012 and 2013

18 hours ago

and this one of Eugene at the club's Xmas quiz night in 2013 #HappierTimes

18 hours ago

Going through some of my old photos and uncovered this one of Ian at the TCC Xmas dinner back in 2012.

19 hours ago

the first guy who Came gave that talk , can anyone remember the software he said he use , n it was free on google ??

21 hours ago

The Kelpies.

2 days ago
Composition Basics with Khara Plicanic | CreativeLive - Learn. Be Inspired.

this is a good intresting course check it out

Understanding composition and framing is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get a shareable or printable shot. Knowing where to place your subject so that they are the focus of your images and ... See more

2 days ago

Sorry guys, I've decided to leave for a while. As I cant seem to anything without breaking Harry's 'rules' and frankly I am fed up having to explain any thing that does not comply to this strange ... See more

3 days ago

We will need to organise an EGM soon. A few posts have become vacant in the committee, I am already covering two and looking after another now and again, this and having a full time job I need to re ... See more

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